Tuesday, February 16, 2010

WOOHOO! I got nominated for a Kreativ Blogger Award

SUPER THANKS TO STEF LABERIS! you are rad and awesome! LOL
so ....

SUPER THANKS TO STEF LABERIS! you are rad and awesome! LOL
you can see HER amazing work here

She is really great and one of the sweetest artists I have met both online and in person! Share the love and visit her page and comment :)

So I have to Nominate 7 people for the award as well so here goes...

Matt Humphreys .. http://darksuperhero.blogspot.com/
One of my best friends and this guy can draw anything... If you arent aware of his work.. GO and make yourself aware he's sick, and a daily inspiration for me to work harder!

Jeff Victor .. http://jeffvictor.blogspot.com/
My partner in projects and a good guy all around.. Jeff works ultra hard and gets better with every stroke of the pencil... Pure goodness!

Ed Reynolds .. http://themonkeyking.blogspot.com/
The Original Monkey King .. the guy knows how to draw women.. and is just plain awesome.. and his opinions, purely unique and well worth listening to :)

Pascal Campion .. http://pascalcampion.blogspot.com/
I dont know where he finds time to do soo much awesome but he does and for that I am grateful.. and TOTALLY INSPIRED!

Kristen Campbell .. http://cannedcampbellsoup.blogspot.com/
Sharing a living space and being in love with talent like this is nothing short of bliss.. All emotions aside she can rock a pencil, is lethal with markers and her design sense makes me crazy.. Love it all!

Uwe Heidshcoetter ..http://heidschoetter.blogspot.com/
I cant even begin to tell you how much I love this guys stuff... AMAZING doesnt even begin to say it!

Rad Sechrist .. http://radfordsechrist.blogspot.com
Love his design work and his shapes and he's super nice to boot.. He also does a great how to blog!

SEVEN THINGS ABOUT ME... cause it's on the list of things to do for this LOL

1. I Love to Bake from scratch... if I couldnt draw anymore .. Id bake!
2. I like moving, change is always good and I moved a lot as a kid so it's kind of become part of me.
3. I play guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, and used to play clarinet.. and I can somewhat site read but suck at it
4. I started the sketchbook sessions almost 9 years ago and because of it I not only get to work doiong what i love but I have the best friends I have ever had!
5. I think it's super important to let your friends know how important they are to you... tell someone how awesome they are once a day ... they will appreciate it and you will get good karma and love in return! :)
6. I was a professional Mural painter for almost 8 years, I learned tons and had the time of my life ! I will forever be thankful to the people who hired me and helped me along in my walk of life!
7. I wanna start wearing a bowtie, just because!

Thanks for the nod .. Hope everyone has an awesome week!
Mad Loves.. Shane!

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