Friday, February 26, 2010

A couple weeks rough patch with silver linings

So the last couple weeks have been really nutty for me and I just thought Id share the events :)

1. Have been working on a project that is doing really well and things keep progressing so that is AWESOME!
2. My car broke down, I think it's the shifter ( something having to do with where it hooks up in the transmission but potentially not a super expensive fix. )
3. Have been on a drawing roll and was on Fire the last couple weeks so far ( knock on wood )
4. Got a loaner car from my father in law ( to be soon ) and was able to get back to work :)
5. Hung out with AWESOME lot of ART friends on thursday night and had a really awesome time
6. Got to face to face meet a couple of guys,whom I have had the pleasure to know from the internet , who are both inspiring and really wonderful people!
7. Loaner car blew a tire on the way home thursday night ( early friday morning like 11:45 12:00 ish )
8. had to buy 2 new front tires for the loaner
9. Had a good friday at work.
10. Came home friday night and am spending it in the arms of the most beautiful girl ever... :) LOVE LOVE LOVE

The last couple weeks have been, choppy? Interesting!... that is probably a better way to put it, and through it all I have managed to keep my chin up... yeah my car still needs to get fixed and rent is due and there are bills to get paid, trying to take care of all sorts of stuff. However through it all my life is really wonderful. I have a really amazing and loving relationship, I have some of the most incredible friends anyone could ask for and I have a job I love. I have been lucky enough to draw every day for like the last 10 years now and I have never been happier. Just going to prove, it is the simple things in life that bring us the most joy. I look forward to more warm weather and even rain if it comes. I hope to see a stranger smile and maybe hear a song I havent heard in forever. I hope that all of my friends have something amazing happen for them and I wish this for anyone who reads this as well.

Thanks for taking time out of your days to stop by the blog, to look at the art or read any of my little thoughts ... It means a great deal to me and I am eternally thankful!

Be Blessed and be a blessing to others if you can.


nic said...

Optimism is contagious. Have a wonderful weekend!

Shane said...

Thanks Nic ;)

Anonymous said...

What a great post. Nice to hear positive things instead of how bad the industry is. Good luck on your project!

Shane said...

Anon.. thank yoU!