Monday, March 30, 2009

Pimpin a great band

Four Feet of Glass is a band I hold near and dear to my heart.. I have been listening to them jam since around oh.. 1994 before they were even Four Feet LOL ... My little brother Scott plays bass and it's been way to long since they have produced anything new and the other day I was on Myspace and well Lo and Behold they have a music page and have uploaded a rough Demo of an old song revamped... If you like jam music or just great music in general give it a listen... it's called Firefly ( Down )

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

couple more

some recent stuff

havent been really happy with a lot of what I have been drawing but these arent bad ..

Monday, March 9, 2009

Regaurding the Sketchbook Sessions

Recently I have been seeing a lot of new session crews pop up around. It makes me happy to know that this is happening however what has UPSET me lately is that everyone thinks they were the first or can snag the name "SKETCHBOOK SESSIONS" and thats ok..


Over 8 years ago I started the ORIGINAL Sketchbook Sessions in Los Angeles .. It started with 6 people drawing together over a few beers in a Condo in Northridge California. Over the Years I have hosted well over 100 events in my own personal HOME and welcomed easily over 500 individuals providing a place to draw and socialize with other artists in a warm and open setting.
At one time we had over 60 people in the house attending a session .. it was epic to see that many artists hanging out and talking and making new friends .. It was amazing to see these people get together somewhere that wasnt a comic con event or any other special occasion .. it was just a warm weekend evening :)
(Although at ComicCon "WE" are the ones who also put together the Marriot Sketchbook session every year on saturday night.. we have pulled in as many as 400 people and everyone was drawing... that was crazy awesome! )

The Sessions are near and dear to me as they were a way for me to make friends and meet people that could and would someday help me find my way into and through the industry of gaming, animation and comic books. Many of those people are not just my friends now.. they are like my 2nd Family .. I am a godfather to 2 awesome kids through these friends and we have all seen eachother through some serious hard times and some epic good times!!! The ride has been amazing.

Im not about to let something I worked so hard on fade into something that people will talk ill of and or bastardize by throwing their own imitation version of. I know there are other session style events out there .. Ive been to a few and each offers their own thing.. I LOVE the Drink and Draw Crew in LA I have nothing but RESPECT for most of them ( those I know ) I have attended a couple and had a good time .. they made it their own thing and I think that is awesome... I would love to see more of that ...

Here are my wishes.. I wish someday that when people talk about the Sketchbook Sessions they will remember what they were, and WHO started it all... and What they became about! Hangin out with 12 people drawing doesn't make what we have here.. its bigger than that.. it's about the passion shared .. its about the love for your friends, being excited for one another when you find out that people are working on new and exciting projects, being supportive, it's about Broadening your horizons and pushing one another to be better and holding your friends up when they need it... I never hosted a drawing jam.... I hosted a reunion ever month for over 5 years, where we found that, when for many of us we felt like outcasts, we all had a place and there were people who got us and were just like us...

Im done ranting .. I needed to get this off my chest... there will be more sessions soon.. and I will be there to help or host...