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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


threw down some quick colors

Monday, March 8, 2010

quick n Im goin home

gonna keep working on these later :)


Last week, Let's call it the week of real INSPIRATION

So last week I saw 2 amazing people speak ( well I saw like 6 people all together but these 2 really put things in line for me and what i want to do with my life :) no disrespect to the others at all )
On Thursday I went to an Academy symposium on animation with the directors of the Nominated films. Pete Doctor, Tomm Moore, Ron Clements, John Musker, and Henry Selick sat on a stage and talked about their careers and what they thought animation was heading towards etc... A few things popped up during this 3 1/2 hours that really struck me. EVERYONE has an incredible passion for this medium, and that for me really hit home. I have often said that if you aren't in this Industry to make the best, highest quality work you can .. well you should probably pick another career. We need more people like these guys making movies. When the question was asked "what is your favorite thing about directing and animation" Pete Doctor replied "All of it" and I don't think there is a better answer, though he said he wasn't too big on the tech side of things, he understands that it's an important job and needs to be done and he appreciates it immensely. I love that he is understanding of the ENTIRE process and knows that everyone plays and integral role in making the magic that is a great movie happen, and I can see why his films work so well.
Later when asked "What can you advise people who want to do this to do? " Pete came forward with what I thought was one of the most important and wonderful quotes of the night. "LOVE IT, Love everything you do.. all of it" It's that kind of Passion I try to keep every day when I come into my job and when I'm at home on the couch doodling away on my clipboard. I mean if any of us are lucky enough to do this for a living we should sit back and think about how blessed we are daily, at least for a moment or 2. I still laugh when people ask what I do and I get to say " I draw for a living" ... Im soo soo lucky, and I know this .. and I really need to thank soo many people for helping guide me in the right direction and for all the wonderful advice I have received, not only from my close friends but from the talented and gracious professional that have been patient and kind enough with me to give me SOUND ADVICE. I've tried to remain very open to exploration, and constructive criticism and it has paid off immensely. I understood very clearly what Pete had to say and it really struck me at the core of who I am and it was really great!
On friday I was lucky enough to catch Andreas Deja at Calarts for a lecture and as usual his work was nothing short of breathtaking. His thoughts on being critical of yourself but having fun while you work were great to hear and his information on how things work down the pipeline of design adn vis. dev. were eye opening and great to hear. He has a great passion for what he does as well and it shows in every line and every movement he composes. Thinking about things like weight, staging and flow.. all soo important and help to bring characters to life.

So thank you all for everything .. your words, incredibly inspiring.. for your time and for helping to push the next generation to be better so that we too have a chance to make something incredible.

Just a thought.. Has anyone every stepped outside of their busy day to help you out?? Have you really thanked them?? Do you have the time to pay that forward to someone you know??? think about it and if you havent thanked them , maybe do so... Im sure they will appreciate it.

I owe a lot of people my thanks, and I have a few emails to send.. so until later and more art, take a minute to thank a few folks and remember to REMAIN PASSIONATE, we are all very very lucky and should remember this not only on our best of days but on our worst as well.

Take care .. be blessed and Draw like you may never get to again

Big Love,

Thursday, March 4, 2010

while I wait

Doodles of a character my buddy forest created .. Check his page out he's amazing, and it was with him and a couple other kids up in Yosemite that I actually realized the possibility of the sketchbook sessions... Big Ups to the Art Kidz Empire! Forest Stearns!!!

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goku redesign

for design a chracter on deviant art