Thursday, January 22, 2009

what happened .. where did he go

I know I was gonna post as close to daily as possible and here I am just a few weeks into the new year and it seems as if I have fallen off... well here's the scoop... Just a couple days ago I was sitting at home having dinner and after dinner my stomach started to hurt.... Great I dont feel good probably have food poisoning or something... I woke up the next morning ( after convincing myself I was just gassy ) to having horrible pain in my right lower abdomen, which led me to believe that I SHOULD see a doctor .. well after 5 hours at the doctors offices and a CT scan ( for the CT scan they make you drink this intolerable stuff then inject you with iodine then take pictures of your insides... I NEVER wanna have to do that again.. ) it turns out I have APPENDICITIS Yeah!.. so they send me to the hospital... where THEY tell me I have to have surgery... so in the course of about 8 - 10 hours I went from ouch my stomach hurts to "Mr. Corn you require surgery" Sooooo like an hour later Im in one of those backless hospital gowns drugged up with lots of crazy stuff and the anestisiologist is telling me to count back from 10 .. I think I made it to 7 .. I cant remember .. then I recall waking up and being told it was inly 45 minutes ago I went under.. I had no clue.. scarrrry. anyhow.. I was in the hospital overnight and the next day the doctor told me I did really well and he was happy with the rate of my recovery and if I could keep solids down without throwing up he was ok with me going home.. the nurse was like well that rarely happens so lets wait and see .. anyhow... by 430 I was coming home and here I am today recovering on the couch and seriously hoping my hospital bill isnt atrocious. I'll post some new work soon.. though it may be weird stuff, they gave me some pain relievers that mess with my vision and head quite a bit .. so :) anyhow.. thats whats goin on.. talk to everyone again soon... Take care

Big Shika Out!


Jennifer said...

"like an hour later I'm in one of those backless hospital gowns drugged up with lots of crazy stuff"

how is this any different from a regular weekend for you? hehe Just kidding babe. Am glad that they caught it before it ruptured cause that would have been a LOT worse.

Shane said...

Thanks hun.... Yeah not too much different but you know when I end up in a hospital it's like . wow this is a little too real! LOL