Wednesday, December 31, 2008

For the new year

Im hoping to seriously post a lot more... I took the holidays to reset and see family and haven't drawn a single thing.. that will all change tonight Im sure as Im looking forward to breaking in some of this laser paper :) so here are my resolutions

1. MORE GIRLS... lots more girl drawings this year.. I really want to get to drawing beautiful girlie drawings .. Ive lately been inspired by Kiraz, Glines, Dan DeCarlo, Justin Coffee, Don Flowers, and numerous other artists ( my finace included )

2. More complete pieces... I have to get down on some layout.. and Im excited about this for once.

3. Meet more artists and make more good art friends ( I have a ton but I really enjoy getting to know the art community :) )

4. Get into at least 5 shows .. I am in one in feb I believe it is , that means I have to get into 4 more! ;)

5. Post much more frequently.... and I will.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season and a Happy and safe new Year

Much Love,

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*daisy said...

found your blog via Dee's post : D cool stuff! I assume you mean the LA Myth show in Feb? I have a piece in it too!