Thursday, November 15, 2007

Raw Bawt

while at teh coffee shop with mah friends! :)


Puga Vida said...

dood! nice stuff you really gone a long way with flash!! great colors too!! amazing stuff Shane, i can learn a few things from just looking at your work.

Shane said...

Thanks man .. I have a lot more I wish to accomplish.. this is just the begginning
.. thanks a bunch!

ANX said...

Man, I just went back and back to the beginning of your Maizekid blog and then to the beginning of this blog. Your steps and changes are soooooo fucking rad. You're climbed the mountain came out on the other side and said "OH look another mountain. I shall climb this mountain with glee. The emotion, not the toothpaste. Do they even make Glee anymore? I'd be surprised if they do. Anyhoodle with a noodle poodle I shall climb this new mountain and whereupon I find any mountain goats, I shall steadfastly encroach upon their peace despite their surefooted nature and poop on their faces and pee in their nostrils. Then further shall I ascend on yon mountain and I shall puke until blood, bile and 3 feet of intestines comes loose past my lips and I shall call it art. And everyone will be amazed at my art for it is swell."

That's your level of awesomepossum.

Shane said...

Thank you Brutha! I really appreciate that... You know honestly you're one of the friends I have that inspire me to do more and to be better